Our Approach

Expert legal skills to deliver tailored solutions 

At Innovo Legal, we focus on our client’s needs and provide them with premium tailored legal solutions.


Our professional expertise is in corporate and commercial law, mainly business and share acquisitions, joint ventures, commercial contracts and cybersecurity. 


Innovo Legal adopts a collaborative approach with its clients to discuss and identify the legal risks and needs attaching to a specific project, transaction or commercial relationship with a third party. 


This allows us to provide tailored solutions for the delivery of the legal services required in the circumstances, including by providing “in-house like” legal services or by procuring other legal resources or expertise as required, with scope for significant savings on legal costs for our clients. This reflects into our tailored approach to pricing.


At Innovo Legal we offer tailored pricing arrangements, varying from fixed fee to time based pricing.  Our collaborative approach allows us to design specific pricing options to suit our client’s needs in the circumstances.  Our low overheads also mean that we can offer competitive pricing for expert legal advice.